Flowers of Petrocosmea nervosa

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Making more Petrocosmea and Streptocarpus

Well it is the 9th January 2011, the sun is shining here in the West Country UK and I felt like working on my plants. I have had a Petrocosmea forrestii leaf with babies on for some time now and to tell you the truth it isn't a job I relish taking them off. The problem is that they seem very delicate and when I take them off I usually manage to break a lot of leaves off too. I have been told to let them dry out so they are not so brittle but when I usually feel like doing the job they are always quite damp. I have taken photographs so you can see how I did it and the finished results. I have also taken photos of some Streptocarpus Mother leaves with her babies and some more Petrocosmea leaves that are just starting to produce babies. To divide the Petrocosmea babies off of the Mother I used a craft knife, a blunt one! I managed to get 5 or 6 babies some really small and they probably wont come to much. I transplanted them into a plastic trifle dish in 1 part houseplant compost (Homebase) 1 part vermiculite and one part perlite, there is a half inch layer of perlite in the bottom. The Mother leaf was in a plastic flowerpot in this container when she produced the babies, so I thought I would put them back in the same humidity. The lid is another trifle dish upside down. I have added a photo of some of Daniel's Sinningia seeds after transplanting too :). The last photo is of seeds of Sinningia muscicola they are very small and I just watered them....All in all an enjoyable hour or two!


  1. Hello,
    Im an AV and strep grower from Bournemouth and i would love to grow Petrocosmea but can not find anyone in the uk selling any :(
    Dibleys know me well as i imported most of there new AV's a few years ago and some streps.
    Do you ever sell any of your babies ???
    Dawn xx

  2. Hi Dawn I have only just found your post I haven't been able to log on for ages. Are you still after Petrocosmea? Let me know and I will hopefully see any question in the future xx