Flowers of Petrocosmea nervosa

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Streptocarpus and the making of more beauties

Good morning everyone and I hope you are having a happy June!!!

Lots happening here, Streptocarpus in bloom, African Violets in bloom and lots of hybridizing attempts occuring. I have some nice crosses coming along and it is one of the most enjoyable pastimes anyone who loves plants could take up. Having lots of Streptocarpus in bloom at the same time means, apart from all the watering and dead heading, you can choose the parents of your future beauties more easily. Once the seeds of the crosses are planted it seems an age before you can see your results. I am sure the buds on Streptocarpus tease me in the length of time they seems to take to open. Even when they are nearly open you cannot really tell what the flower will look like. I have been fooled many a time by what I thought was going to be a two toned flower and it turns out to be a solid colour. I have been known to peek inside the bud by forcing it open. I should not do this really and must learn to be more patient. I will post some photographs of some of my crosses so you can have a look. I hope it might tempt others to have a try. It was years of growing Streptocarpus before I tried to hybridize. This was mainly as I bought some seeds once a long time ago from a well known auction site. These seeds were of 'Crystal Beauty'. Well on growing the seeds out, I think I planted them all at the time, when the plantlets finally bloomed I was so disappointed to say the least. All the flower heads were split. I threw them all away into the compost bin and didn't think of ever trying to 'make my own'.

My passion in Streptocapus came from my dear old Mum, she grew them on her windowsills, propagated by inserting leaf into a coontainer of water, quite successfully I may add. By her love of these plants I am where I am today, I expect she is looking down on me now saying 'Oh not more!' I can thiink of lots of other hobbies though that would cost me a lot more money.

Well thats enough of my rambling, I will find some nice photos to show you all.

Happy growing, if you are attending the Gesneriad Society Convention in Toronto I will see you there. I would like to say at this point a personal thank you to the society for their organisation of this event. It has taken the worry of planning the trip over to Canada away from us. I am looking forward to seeing all the Gesneriads, meeting friends in person for the first time, and of course seeing Niagra Falls!!!!!!

Warm wishes and green fingers

                                                                Isle of Avalon
Streptocarpella Eyewell