Flowers of Petrocosmea nervosa

Tuesday 4 January 2011

I have Petrocosmea seeds

At last I have found a seed pod on my Petrocosmea nervosa. I thought all hope of getting any this season had gone. I was watering this morning and there it was, a little pod. I have had little pods before, but they had nothing in. I expected the same with this one, but on getting some paper towel out of the cupboard and gently opening the pod there they were. I will sow the seeds today and now the next puzzle is what to sow them on. Shall I use the normal seed mix of one part compost one part vermiculite and one part perlite? Or shall I sow them on damp NZ Sphagnum moss. Maybe I will hedge my bets and put some on each. Having got this far I don't want to fall at this hurdle and use the wrong method. 2011 is turning out to be a great year in the Gessie dept already, long may it continue...Good growing everyone...

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