Flowers of Petrocosmea nervosa

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Well it certainly looks like I have missed the boat with the seed pods on Wrangler's Swinging Blues. I don't think I am very good at this creating a new hybrid lark:(  I do however hold out more hope with the Petrocosmea. HT-2 had so many flowers on them that I felt sure they would produce. I took a seed pod off of one of the plants yesterday but after much poking and prodding no seeds could be seen. Petrocosmea nervosa though is also showing signs of producing seed pods. With this Pet I put it in a seed tray with a propagating lid on. In the bottom of the seed tray I laid a towel that had been soaked in water then rung out so it was just damp. I think little nervosa looks very happy in there and I think the flowers are turning their heads up which I am told they do when pollination has taken place. Fingers crossed for me. I AM VERY DETERMINED! Other Gesneriads take no intervention on my part to produce seeds. Chirta Stardust, Dreaming Pearl and Tamiana seem to produce pods like crazy. Same with my Streptocarpus the ones I really want to produce seeds seem very reluctant yet others that I am not really bothered about have pods 3 inches long on them. I think someone out there is teasing me...Come on give me a  break LOL!!!!

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